Body: 1979 F-250 Pickup Truck
Chassis: 1974 F-250
Engine: 640 c.i. / 460 c.i.
Tires: Firestone 66" x 43" x 25"
Axles: 5 Ton Military
Shocks: 14 Gas Cell
Transmission: C-6
Fuel: Gasoline
Weight: Approx. 11,000 lbs.


BIGFOOT #1 is “The Original Monster Truck”, first bought by Bob & Marilyn Chandler in 1974. Two years later Bob began the first of what would become an endless series of modifications along the road to what is now recognized as a monster truck. BIGFOOT #1 began its career at local mud runs and truck pulls. The famous rear steering was introduced in 1979. That same year, it also starred in the movie “Take This Job And Shove It”. 1981 marked a historic moment for monster trucks. That year Chandler drove BIGFOOT up and over a couple of junk cars, just for fun, to see if he could do it. Well, needless to say, the truck drove right over the top of the cars, and the rest is history. #1 was also the first monster truck to drive over cars for an audience in 1982. In March of 1983, BIGFOOT #1 starred in the largest single day event involving monster trucks at the Pontiac Silverdome, before 72,000+ fans.

Bigfoot #1 has evolved over the last almost 50 years, and has seen 18 different tire and wheel combinations, from its original street truck setup through the 10 foot tall Firestone tundra tires, to the current standard-issue 66″ Firestone Flotation tires. Today, BIGFOOT #1 is mainly used for display purposes.

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