Body: Pickup Truck
Chassis: 2 Standard Pickup Truck Frames
Engine: 460 c.i.
Tires: Firestone 120" x 48" x 60"
(approx. 2,400 lbs. each)
Axles: 5 Ton Military
Shocks: 16 Gas Cell
Transmission: C-6
Fuel: Gasoline
Weight: Approx. 28,000 lbs.


BIGFOOT #5 was completed in the summer of 1986 for the sole purpose of handling the massive 10 foot tall Firestone Tundra tires. The tires were originally used on an Alaskan land train that was used by the US Army in the 1950’s. Before they were permanently installed on BIGFOOT #5, they had been used on BIGFOOT #1, #2, & #4. Its first show was the Fall Jamboree in Indianapolis where it donned dual 10′ tires, making it the tallest, widest and heaviest pickup in the world! Today, BIGFOOT #5 mainly sits on display at B&H Market*, just up the street from BIGFOOT Headquarters in Pacific, MO.
* Depending on Live Events Schedule.