Caleb Janezich


Residence: Washington, MO
Birthplace: South Bend, IN
Marital Status: Single
Favorite Type of Food: Italian
Favorite Type Of Music: 80's hair bands/rock/country
Hobbies: Drawing, collecting Hot Wheels & monster truck stuff.
Describe Yourself: Very particular.  I like having a good laugh and sense of humor.  I like things to in their place.  I like talking to people and fans.
Hired at BIGFOOT: 2022
Years In The Monster Truck Industry: 1
Career Highlights: Going on the Hot Wheels European tour.
Greatest Accomplishment/Most Memorable Moment: Completing a motor swap in time for the next show!
Why Did I Become a BIGFOOT Crew: Bigfoot is my favorite team.
Favorite Place To Do A Show: Indianapolis, IN
Like most about being Monster Truck Crew: Working for my favorite team, the one that I have followed and supported for years.
Describe What Being Monster Truck Crew is Like: It's a very unique job and industry.
Something You Want To Try In Bigfoot: Drive Bigfoot 1!