Body: Fiberglass Pickup Truck
Chassis: Custom Bob Chandler Design
Engine: 572 c.i.
Tires: Firestone 66" x 43" x 25"
Axles: ZF
Shocks: 8 Custom Nitrogen Charged
Transmission: C-6
Fuel: Methanol
Weight: Approx. 10,000 lbs.


BIGFOOT 11 debuted at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 3, 1992.  It is a modification of the BIGFOOT 10 chassis that has 32" of suspension travel, more than any of the other BIGFOOT truck had at the time.  With a completely new color scheme, "WILDFOOT," as it was called, won the 1993 Special Events Penda Points Series with Andy Brass driving. It also won MTRA's 1993 Truck of the Year.  In 1994, #11 took Team BIGFOOT's third consecutive and fourth overall monster truck racing championship.  In 1995, Eric Tack drove it to a then world record monster truck distance jump, with a leap of 117 feet.  In 1999, Dave Harkey drove 11 to a then wheelie record of 217 feet, 3 inches!  #11 competed in hundreds of events over the next 15+ years, until in 2015, after a spectacular end-over-end crash, the chassis had to be retired.