Body: Fiberglass Pickup Truck
Chassis: Custom Bob Chandler Design
Engine: 572 c.i.
Tires: Firestone 66" x 43" x 25"
Axles: International Transmission Axles
Shocks: 8 Custom Nitrogen Charged
Transmission: C-6
Fuel: Methanol
Weight: Approx. 10,000 lbs.


Nigel Morris of Northamptonshire, England, the owner of L.A. Supertrux Ltd., started building his first real monster truck in the autumn of 2000. This project which later was given the name Wild Child.  As Wild Child neared completion, Nigel had the chance to go to America.  Nigel saw this as his chance to visit the Holy Grail of monster trucks, BIGFOOT.

While visiting BIGFOOT, Bob Chandler, BIGFOOT’s owner/creator, extended an invitation for Nigel to return in December for the MTRA (Monster Truck Racing Association) annual conference, held in St. Louis at the time.  Nigel made the trip, and were the first Europeans EVER to attend the MTRA conference.  The membership of the MTRA voted unanimously to set up a European division, and Nigel was elected president.

In December 2001 he went back to St Louis for the conference.  During his visit, Nigel had discussions with Chandler about the prospect of bringing BIGFOOT back to the UK, and maybe touring Europe.  It was during these discussions that the idea was formed to have a BIGFOOT permanently available on the European circuit.  This led to Nigel and L.A. Supertrux Ltd. building and operating BIGFOOT 17, dubbed ‘The UK BIGFOOT’.

UK BIGFOOT was finished in 2003 and made its first appearance in Peterborough, UK that same year.  With regular appearances throughout that summer, #17 won the of 2003 ProMT European Racing Championship.  Over the next 13+ years this truck competed all over the UK and Europe, making it the only BIGFOOT ever to compete only in Europe.  In 2016, the truck was sold and is currently in Spain under a different name.